2015 wipes industry market analysis

30 years of reform and opening up, China has undergone enormous changes, disposable “wipes” the widespread use of today’s living standards increasing signs. This is a “triple” of the development process, from the 90 years before the use of “handkerchief” period, after the development to use “tissue” era, today entered into a disposable “wipes” new era.
Wipes disposable commodity, everyone will use, essential home, travel essential, merchants will sell daily necessities, market demand is huge. And most consumers this way to have all aspects of cleaning wipes and care functions, convenient life. This is also the reason we chose it. And with the further transformation of people’s living standards rising and consumer awareness in the near future, all kinds of different use disposable wipes consumption function will exponentially increase, daily consumption will certainly be quickly exceeded 500 million Direct Access 1 billion. Such a huge consumer market, but also any one brand can not monopolize the whole market, it will appear in each city as the center of the market separations.
Data show that: China has become the world’s second largest consumer tissue market, after the United States. Household paper in the world, accounting for 56% of toilet paper, paper towels (21%), paper napkins, facial tissue and paper accounted for 12% and 4%, respectively. But the data show that China paper towel, paper towels, accounted for only 0.2%, even in Beijing, Shanghai, and it was optimistic about the city, but also accounted for 1.5%, meaning that the proportion of China’s toilet toilet paper sales still occupy an absolute advantage. In addition, kitchen hygiene paper products still in the promotion phase. At present, China wipes industry in the world, there is a relatively strong competitiveness. (Data Source: Advantech Waterhouse database)
As the product replacement rate continues to accelerate, particularly in the tissue industry, wet wipes began quietly developing. After the 2003 SARS, China’s wet wipes market began rapid development, new brands continue to emerge, the product range is increasing.
At present, China mainly wet wipes industry showed several features:
1, market prospects: the current market is mainly wet wipes for personal care, market penetration is relatively low;
2, the average price of products fell: wet tissue growth in market demand has attracted more and more investors into the wet wipes industry decision makers, causing a decline in product prices;
3, the brand with a high concentration: My Hengan Group’s “Heart of India” brand were ranked in baby wipes and wipes in common the second and first;
4, the healthy development of the multi-faceted needs change: At present, China wet tissue products of varying quality, product homogeneity is serious, the lack of industry standards, an issue of common concern to the industry.
Development premise wet tissue industry are mainly industrial base two aspects:
First, the substrate that is widely used non-woven and airlaid of development, environmental protection, green, biodegradable materials is the development direction of wet paper towels;
The second is “wet”, that is the solution, the solution configuration system is relatively mature, solutions and material mix and the shelf life and environmental protection has become a key issue.
At present, China wet wipes industry, although there are dozens of companies selling products in the market, but did not form a certain scale, and consumer awareness are not established, so the wet tissue product as a separate category of market promotion It will accelerate the development of the industry. Our wet tissue industry is in the early stage of rapid development, in order to coordinate consumer prices as a benchmark, consumers purchasing power of raising and lowering the cost of the combination product is the blowout period of wet wipes market.

Post time: Dec-25-2015
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